Raising Special Kids is a 501 (c )3 non-profit organization that provides support and information for parents of children, from birth to age 26, with a full range of disabilities and special health care needs. Programs are offered at no cost to families, and are available in English and Spanish.


(Child Amputee)

Created in 1975, the Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program is built on the Winner’s Circle philosophy which encourages child amputees (Champs) to accept their amputations and develop a positive approach to challenges.The CHAMP Program, which offers comprehensive services to child amputees and their families, is unique in the world. These services provide financial assistance for artificial limbs and various recreational devices as well as emotional support through programs such as Matching Mothers, Seminars and Junior Counselling.




Reaches out to parents who have children with limb loss or limb difference. We meet several times a year with activities for the children and discussion time for parents. Their goal is to help amputees, people with limb loss or limb difference, and their families cope with the initial shock of loss by helping them regain control of their life through education, compassion, and encouragement. Amputees have the ability to do virtually anything they want to do and we do!


Sports is a powerful force. It can shift the focus from disability to ability, from isolation to involvement. We offer the highest quality Olympic-style sports training and competition for people with disabilities all around the world. This changes attitudes and changes lives.

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