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Meet Cynthia Newman, Our Founder                   

Shorly after my Mother's above the knee amputation, she wanted to go shoe shopping.  As she was being fitted, my immediate reaction was,

"Wow, Mom has to buy a pair of shoes when she only needs one!". 

I thought "There aren't any stores we can purchase just one, Wow!".  

Eleven months later my eldest sister lost her leg and it was the same scenario.  Six years later after both my Mom and Sister passed just 27 days apart, I contemplated how I could celebrate their precious time here on earth; and I remembered that shopping trip.  I was never able to get over the fact that we had to buy a pair of shoes and we only needed one!

That's when I went "Aha",   I'm going to start a charity to collect shoes for children, youth, and adults, especially amputees who have to spend money buying a pair.

Now retired after serving 41 years as Co-Founder of one of the largest churches in the West Valley of Phoenix, AZ.  Children and youth still have a special place in my heart; as did my Mother, who owned and operated a daycare; and my sister who was a foster care mother for many many years.  

My philanthropy initiatives partnering with faithful volunteers from the ministry and local businesses for resources, showered the community with programs such as:  Etiquette classes for girls, children's workshops, girl power balls, teddy bear tea clubs, kids club, youth expeditions, youth outreach, Adopt-a-Grand-Parent, buy without money shoe and clothing weekends, Dorcas Closet, fall festivals, Build-a-Basket Easter events, holiday parties, health fairs, women’s ministries, puppet ministries, and Seed of Hope Outreach, to name a few. 


My dearly beloved Mother and Sister will be so proud and honored to know that Tinny'z Kickz4Kidz was founded in their memory.  



Donate running shoes of any size. 


Cynthia travels all around the country to donate

shoes to children, adults and amputee support




Tinny'z Shoe-La-La Giveaway



Cynthia will be traveling to St. Lous, MO this summer and will donate shoes to the

Shriners Children's Hospital St. Louis

Pediatric Orthopedics

and Amputation Care

Shriners Children's philosophy is to provide compassionate, family-centered care to help kids lead productive, fulfilling lives. 

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